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ヨガ・催眠療法・メディテーションから発想を得て Dodow を開発するために、健康問題を改善するための代替療法をを深く研究することになりました。睡眠はその第一歩に過ぎませんでした。


Visualisation of Dodow's effects

Its all about imagination

According to a study conducted in New Zealand on 146 students, if you give soda to someone while making him believe it is alcohol, after a couple glasses he will probably have the same reaction as if he had really drank alcohol. Not only will he start to stagger and become more sociable, but he will also have memory problems.

Take 2 groups of students and pretend to mesure the quality of their sleep. Tell the students of the 1st group that they've slept well, and the 2nd group that they've slept badly: the 1st group will have a much better performance than the 2nd one on the same exam.

Placebo, you say? Not quite. In reality, it is possible to impact our organism, our health, our cognitive abilities and behaviour thanks to suggestions.

From those experiments, the psychologist and pharmacist Emile Coué developed his famous "Coué Method" in 1926. He was able to improve the health of thousands of patients. Tell the brain to fall asleep, and it'll do it!

In practical terms, with Dodow

The first thing to do is to understand Dodow's impact on your organism. During the first uses, read the explanation note within the pamphlet before falling asleep.


A disruption of the autonomous nervous system is at the root of a vast majority of sleeping problems. When it is disrupted (in an alert state), neurotransmitters like noradrenaline send signals to your brain to keep it awake.

With Dodow, you will restore balance to your autonomous nervous system by stimulatng the baroreflex, a physiological mechanism that can be stimulated by slow and regular breathing (6 breaths per minute being the optimal rythm).

After 8 minutes, you will be in a relaxed state: your metabolism will have slowed down, and the secretion of neurotransmitters will have stopped. Your body will be completely relaxed and you will be much less receptive to your thoughts and ambient noises. Sleep isn't far away..."

Mental programming

Then, don't hesitate to learn the short text hereafter (or to write one that suits you) and repeat it every night before going to sleep.

« By slowing my breathing progressively, my body will relax, my metabolism will slow down and the sleep hormones will be released. I will progressively detach myself from my thoughts and immerse myself into deep sleep little by little. »


Dodow ユーザー限定コンテンツ



現在、成人の 30〜35% が不眠に悩まされています。これは朝目覚めてすぐに携帯電話を手に取る人の割合と同じです。偶然でしょうか?おそらく偶然ではないでしょう!Dodow チームが紹介するこの 7 つのコツを使って、素早く眠りに落ちる方法を見つけましょう。

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こんにちは、Dodow チームです。今回は妊娠による不眠に関して、その真実をみなさんにお伝えします。「子供が生まれたら、ぐっすり眠りたいなんてぜいたくだ」とはすでに言われていると思います。そして、出産前には、次の絵のように 9 ヶ月かけてゆっくり心の準備ができると思っているかもしれません。

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「あー、眠れない!」と、どうしようもなくて叫んでしまうあなた。(まだ Dodow を持っていないのですね…。)この先どうなるかは、すでにご存知ですね。翌日はすごく疲れているでしょうし、1 日中イライラしているでしょう。

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