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Inspired by yoga, hypnotherapy and meditation, developing Dodow immersed us into a deep study of alternative methods for fixing health problems; sleeping was just a first step.

We would like to share with you our studies, and help you discover health and well-being advice, that are easy to put into practice.

Marijuana to help you Fall Asleep fast

There are three types of people in this world: those who went through a Bob Marley phase in high school, those who got roped into a Bob Marley phase in high school by their friends, and the rest.

If you’re either of the first two types of people, you’re not in bad company (regardless of what your mother would say if she knew. To be honest, looking at the numbers, it’s quite possible she’s got her own little secrets): as of 2015, 1 in 8 Americans say they’ve smoked pot within the last year! That’s 13% of the American population in 2016.

However, can it be said that these 13% of Americans definitely know how to fall asleep fast thanks to this miracle drug (and also still technically illegal drug)? We’re not so sure about that. To top it off, there are a few secondary effects… here’s a brief recap to make sure you know what kind of herb you’re dealing with.

First, you’ve got to know there are a few types of cannabis that don’t have the same properties.

  • Sativa variety

Sativa has a high dosage of THC, a molecule that affects the brain. This is the type of herb that takes you on trips. That’s because THC is psychotropic! Sativa is the kind of herb that smokers take to have a psychedelic adventure.

  • Indica variety

On the other hand, the Indica marijuana is charged with CBD, a molecule that knocks you out. By counteracting the effects of THC, it puts you in a lethargic state that’s anti-stress and anti-anxiety. Heaviness and drowsiness will overcome you, kind of like if you were really zen all the time.

We’ll give it to you, in the short term, marijuana sure sounds like it makes you fall asleep.

Fall asleep faster

Despite cannabis’ many harmful effects (if you’re reading this article in order to justify your weed habits, you’re going to be sadly disappointed), it does have one merit: in the short run, it does make you fall asleep pretty fast. Take note however that the American study that proves this information dates back to 1973 (no news since, it seems studies on cannabis aren’t a big priority), and that even if the subject did indeed fallen asleep quickly, the next day he was kind of… smashed.

Reduces paradoxical sleep

Marijuana shortens your paradoxical sleep, the phase during your sleep cycle where you dream. Instead, you fall into deep sleep for a longer time. When you awaken, this gives you the impression of a good, restful sleep. We’re not quite sure how harmful that effect really is, but if you stop smoking suddenly, be prepared to go through some psychedelic dreams with lots of crazy colors.

Offbeat sleep schedule

By putting you in a practically permanent lethargic state, cannabis makes you want to sleep… any time. By stimulating your melanin production, you’re always in a secondary state and could have a hard time staying awake.

An effect that fades away

If you thought you had found the solution to your sleep troubles with cannabis, it’s probably true: for a while. But don’t get excited too quickly, after multiple uses your body gets used to the “treatment” and loses its efficiency.

Memory issues

Memory issues, trouble concentrating, confusion, high anxiety… it is even suspected it triggers schizophrenia in predisposed patients (but it could stand for more scrutiny). Replacing a sleep issue by a psychological one doesn’t sound so dope! (get it? dope? haha.)

Harmful effects of tobacco

On top of its clobbering effect, cannabis is a two in one deal: it also sports the dangerous properties of tobacco, which contains the same cancerous substances, sometimes in even higher doses of concentration. So really, would you rather insomnia or lung cancer ? We’d rather show good old Mary Jane the door, that’s for sure.

Dependency and trouble recovering a normal rhythm

To top it off, if you acclimate your body to taking this psychotropic drug, it’ll have a hard time getting rid of it if you leave it to its own devices. Paradoxically, if marijuana helps you fall asleep, on the long term it can create insomnia issues!

Even if marijuana is already authorized in Spain or the Netherlands, it isn’t the case everywhere. Let’s not forget the penalty for possession in the US can go up to three years in jail and a $5000 fine…

But have no fear! Dodow is on sale perfectly legally and void of any psychotic tendencies. If we were you, we’d prioritize breathing exercises over lighting blunts.

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