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2020-04-16 17:03:42
110 min of sleep gained
Plus de 2h before Dodow
10-20min after Dodow

Thank You. I Love your product. And your tip of breathing into my belly. I used to do this years ago but I had completely forgotten about it. So concentrating on the blue light and my belly breathing instead of my racing thoughts as soon as I put my light out has worked so well for me. Thank You again xx


2020-04-16 17:03:42
85 min of sleep gained
1h30-2h before Dodow
5-10 min after Dodow

Love my dodow. Revolutionised my bed time. So easy to use (except when a passing cat triggers it at night by stepping on it!!) lol

Love Julia

2020-04-16 17:03:42
0 min of sleep gained
10-20 min before Dodow
10-20 min after Dodow

Sorry it doesn't seem to help me. Concentrating on trying to coordinate my breathing in and out with the light changes makes me tender and wider awake. Any suggestions??????