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Inspired by yoga, hypnotherapy and meditation, developing Dodow immersed us into a deep study of alternative methods for fixing health problems; sleeping was just a first step.

We would like to share with you our studies, and help you discover health and well-being advice, that are easy to put into practice.

Manage your emotions in order to sleep better


Relaxation techniques allow you to evacuate stress, but meditation allows you to better handle the emotion when it comes upon you. Most of all, it helps you develop equanimity, a calm state during which you stay serene whatever the situation.

Did you know you can also train your brain to control your state of mind and change your personality ? Attaining equanimity is to become more positive, concentrated, creative and altruistic... This is called neuroplasticity, and all you need is a little willpower :)


Headspace is gymnastics for your mind. It was developed by an English buddhist monk, and became an overnight success with more than 1 million users worldwide. And for good reason, too ! Headpsace is really well made : animations, a well defined progression path, short and simple exercises organized by themes. On the menu, you'll find concentration, human relations, creativity, and most of all... sleep ! :D

Here is their introductive video :


Watch out though,

After the first series of exercises, you have to pay for the app (roughly $50 per year).

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

MBSR is a meditation program that was met with great success in the United States and has rapidly developed in France. It is relayed by a certain number of doctors like Christophe-Anré, a psychiatrist at Sainte-Anne Hospital in Paris.

- The program lasts 8 sessions over the course of 2 months (each session lasts about 2 and half hours): in groups, you will develop what is called mindfulness (the observation and breakdown of your perception and mental habits) through mental and body exercises.

- The cost: about $500. You will then continue to practice these exercises at home!

To find out more about mindfulness, click here.

To find out the the schedule for different programs, click here.

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