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Inspired by yoga, hypnotherapy and meditation, developing Dodow immersed us into a deep study of alternative methods for fixing health problems; sleeping was just a first step.

We would like to share with you our studies, and help you discover health and well-being advice, that are easy to put into practice.

I evacuate negative thoughts through exhaling

Turn on Dodow, do the exercise, normally.

- When you feel ready, spot your negative emotions (fear? sadness? anger...?)

- Keep breathing normally with Dodow.

- When you exhale, imagine that all the negativity within you is expelled into the air as black smoke (you can expel them one by one or all at the same time).

Fear of not being able to fall asleep and doubts about your ability to fall asleep are the worst enemies of sleep, don't hesitate to expel them as well! :)

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