Nowadays, it's possible to obtain excellent results with natural solutions: cognitive behavioural therapy, relaxation, yoga, meditation, etc... However, a large part of the population cannot afford to spend money or time on these options. We have taken the best of these solutions and created a product: Dodow. 

Our goal is to provide millions of people suffering from sleep problems with a simple, natural, inexpensive and effective solution


80% of our product is manufactured in France. This would not have been possible without a close industrial and logistical relationship with Unilux, the French leader in desk lamps.



Two of our team members are former insomniacs who had not been able to find simple, safe and drug-free solutions to their sleep problems. They all joined forces to develop Dodow, combining their skills in various areas, such as science, design, meditation, yoga, etc..., with the goal of helping people recover sound sleep patterns without medication.

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