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Aiello, Janet

2020-04-16 17:03:42
50 min of sleep gained
1h-1h30 before Dodow
10-20min after Dodow

Dodow has helped me fall asleep much more efficiently than ever before. I no longer have spent nights in that twilight sleep being aware of everything for hours (2-4hrs)per night. Many thanks....Janet Aiello


2020-04-16 17:03:42
20 min of sleep gained
30-45 min before Dodow
10-20 min after Dodow

I put it near the foot of the bed for a better angle to look up at light... the pace of light too fast for my relaxed breathing. Will try a few more nights.. want it to work!!


2020-04-16 17:03:42
15 min of sleep gained
20-30 min before Dodow
5-10 min after Dodow

Love this product! Would recomend for anyone with sleep issues. I use it in conjunction with my fitbit and have found a great improvement in sleep pattern. Yhank you dodow!?