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2020-04-16 17:03:42
20 min of sleep gained
1h-1h30 before Dodow
20-30min after Dodow

I really like the idea a lot! - but I feel the glowing circle expands & decreases waayyyy too erratically; I don't actually relax ... Also, I'd like it to slow down a lot more, within the 8 minutes, to guide me to do the same. Love the look of it; very classy. Thx so much for having this forum.


2020-04-16 17:03:42
35 min of sleep gained
Plus de 2h before Dodow
10-20min after Dodow

Thank You. I Love your product. And your tip of breathing into my belly. I used to do this years ago but I had completely forgotten about it. So concentrating on the blue light and my belly breathing instead of my racing thoughts as soon as I put my light out has worked so well for me. Thank You again xx


2020-04-16 17:03:42
25 min of sleep gained
1h30-2h before Dodow
5-10 min after Dodow

Love my dodow. Revolutionised my bed time. So easy to use (except when a passing cat triggers it at night by stepping on it!!) lol